Some of our vendors already possess city, county and state business permits – but many do not. Fortunately, we are authorized to issue temporary permits onsite so that you can legally operate. Keep in mind that it may actually be cheaper for you to obtain permanent licenses than paying the temporary permits each day you vend. For example, if you have sales of $3,000 - $10,000 each year then you are only required to have a minimal use business license, which is $15 for the year. You can view the external links on the bottom of this page for information on how to obtain these license.


Business licenses from within the State of TN can be accepted, however these fees will be assessed to all out of state vendors. Vendors can submit copies of their county and city licenses to be added to their file, or can present copies at check-in to avoid paying these fees.

*EXEMPTION - vendors selling nursery stock, fresh produce, or poultry ONLY are exempt from all of these fees.

  • City Permit: $1 per market day
  • County Permit: $1 per market day
  • State Sales Tax Permit: $5 per calendar month

You are legally responsible for the collection, reporting and payment of all taxes.  If you have questions, we can help to explain your obligations further.

External Links

Hamilton County

City of Chattanooga

State of TN Sales Tax Registration