Setup/Booth Fees

Set-up Fee's: $15 + 10% sales commission

10% Sales Commissions

In addition to the setup fee, all vendors are required to report their total sales and pay a 10% sales commission at the conclusion of each market day. You will be provided with the sales envelope when you pay your setup fee and check in at the market desk.

We strive to keep the entry cost/risk to a minimum for our vendors, but the setup fees alone do not cover the expense of producing our events. If you had no sales, you are still required to return your sales envelope. 

Government Permits & Services

If you do not have permanent business licenses or a State of TN Sales Tax Registration then we can offer temporary permits. Read here for further information.

Market Fines & Penalties

On occasion, we are required to impose a penalty fee based on an avoidable vendor action. All of these fees are completely avoidable if proper care and consideration are taken:

  • Booth Cleaning Fee: $50;  assessed if booth is left in a disorderly condition.
  • Returned Check Fee: $30
  • No Sales Drop: $250;  assessed if a sales envelope/report is not dropped at the end of the market day.  (Mistakes happen — if you contact us prior to us contacting you, the fine is usually waived;  if it becomes a recurring issue the fee will be assessed)