To register for events use the "RSVP" button at On your first visit you will need to create an account and login. After you initially login you will need to click the "notify" button on the bottom of the page so that we can grant you full access to the site. Once we have granted you full access we will let you know and you can begin registering for events.

Most events will go on sale approximately 2 months in advance, so if you are worried that an event may sell out then you have plenty of time to plan ahead. 


In most cases you will see several ticket types available:

- Approved Vendor:  By selecting this ticket option and making a successful payment online, your base setup fee will be paid in advance. You will still be liable for the 10% sales commission, as well as temporary business and sales tax permits if applicable. If you are a no show, prepaid fees are typically non-refundable. However, credit towards a future event may be given depending on the circumstances, at market discretion.

- Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum Vendor Setup: The same details as the Approved Vendor ticket, but at a discounted rate for those vendors who have accumulated over 15 priority points.

*The Cambridge Square Market will have just one prepaid ticket option, as the base setup fee is the same for all vendors regardless of point standing.

- Vendor RSVP: This is a free ticket that allows you to register and pay your setup fee the day of the market. Some events, such as Opening Weekend of the Chattanooga Market, will not have this ticket option as we will require everyone to prepay for that event. 

There are a few disadvantages to this ticket type. Often sales will start a month later than the prepaid tickets, so there is a chance that the event will sell out prior to it becoming available. Also, due to our booth allocation system at some markets, there is the slight potential that we will "over sell" an event. In this scenario, vendors who have prepaid will be given priority over those who have not regardless of seniority. The best way to guarantee space at an event is to use the prepaid ticket option, especially during the first part of the season when vendor demand is extremely high.