Given the nature of our food trucks and concessionaires, with their higher equipment investments, insurances requires and health permitting/inspections, we operate with a slightly different attendance approach that most of our other market vendors:

  • approved onsite food providers are expected to attend every market event
  • absences must be reported to Market staff with sufficient notice to schedule a replacement truck
  • location within the event may change from week-to-week depending on theme/activity
  • within any given food truck court/area, participants are expected to collaborate with their neighbors to find the best setup for then group (this often requires shuffling/repositioning your vehicle - sometimes more than once).

As a whole, there have been very few problems with this approach -- most everyone has approached the process with the professionalism and mutual respect we feel is appropriate for our events. This is a fine group of entrepreneurs to be associated with!

Frequent abusers may result in dismissal regardless of point standing.