Booth Size

All booth spaces are 10×10; double spaces are typically not available.

Booth Location

Unless you have a Reserved Booth, your booth location will be selected (by you!) the morning of each market day.  As you will typically select-a-spot based on the list of available locations, we cannot guarantee any specific booth location. Often all spaces in the Pavilion will be filled, at which point vendors will be able to select spaces along the patios and sidewalks leading into the complex. Booth selection is conducted in order of Priority Points, so as a new vendor it is a very likely that you will be located outside. Be sure to come prepared!

Tents, Tables, Fixtures & Chairs

You are responsible for your entire set-up (tables, chairs, paper towels, petty cash, tape, etc.). Tents are allowed inside the Pavilion and strongly recommended if you are setup outside the pavilion.

All tents must be weighted and capable of surviving wind gusts common during typical storms. If you arrive without tent weights it is at the market managers discretion to either give a verbal warning or ask that you not setup for the day. On a second occurrence you will be asked to leave and risk suspension from the market. You are responsible for any damage or injury incurred as a result of your improperly weighted tent/booth.

Signs & Banners

We encourage you to promote your company and/or booth with a sign so that Market patrons can identify your company name. We recommend that the sign reflects the theme of your product(s) and promotes the handcrafted nature of the Market.

*Large banners cannot be obtrusive to your neighbors and must have prior approval of Market management.You are responsible for their safety, upkeep, assembly/removal and storage.


While there are often electrical outlets available for use, we can not guarantee access to any vendor during our events.  Vendors which require power to maintain food safety levels, such as refrigeration, should contact us in advance to make prior arrangements.  In some cases, an additional service charge may be required.

During special events, we may bring in additional power for an additional cost. (Unfortunately, the electricians & permits aren’t free — but we do try to maintain the lowest rates possible)


Sorry, we do not have any space for you to store your booth tent, fixtures or items.  If we had it to do over, we would build a self-storage facility adjacent to the pavilion!