Our Arts & Crafts vendors create an extensive and ever growing variety of different products. Because of this it is difficult to have a complete list of everything that is allowed or disallowed. Common items include:

  • Artwork
  • Candles
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Metalwork
  • Photography
  • Pottery
  • Pet Products
  • Soaps/Bodycare
  • Woodwork

Please review our basic Product standards as a Producer-Only Market. Only those items that meet these guidelines will be allowed at the market. Accessories and add-on items are generally disallowed. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of Public Markets. Upon submission of your vendor application you will be asked to supply photos of your completed work and workspace, as well as descriptions of your production process.

Please continue reading through this section for further regulations and restrictions on specific items. This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.